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  • Injured? We can help you.

    We cover the greater Philadelphia area.
  • Injured? We can help you.

    Absolutely free and confidential consultations about your case.
  • Injured? We can help you.

    We cover the whole City.

The Fenerty Law Firm wants to fight for you.

When you are injured you will need help. You will need help getting your medical bills paid. You will need help recovering your lost wages. You will need help in dealing with the insurance companies, their investigators, and their claims adjusters. You will need help getting your car repaired. You will need help to find out what happened to you or your loved one in the hospital. You will need help navigating the systems that are in place.

We want to give you the benefit of our decades of experience fighting for the rights of injured people in Pennsylvania and in New Jersey. Our civil justice system provides the framework for injured people to fix, help, and make up for the harms and losses they have sustained through the conduct of others. However, the system is complex. Successful outcomes require specific knowledge and applied experience. We are skilled civil trial lawyers with the experience, strength, knowledge, resources, and the outstanding support team required to get the best results for you and your loved ones.

We only represent individuals in Personal Injury Claims and Workers’ Compensation Claims.
We do not represent insurance companies. This is what we do all day, every day.

There is never any cost to speak with us about your situation. However, it will be very costly to go it alone.

Why Choose Us?

  • We provide personalized representation.

    At The Fenerty Law Firm, we promise personalized service to you and to your case.
  • We are aggressive advovates.

    We will fight aggressively for your rights. We will get you justice.
  • We are committed to our work.

    Representing injured people is what we do all day every day. This is the only type of law that we practice. We are fully committed to it.
  • We are conscientious of your needs.

    We are always mindful of your needs and will work tirelessly to satisfy them.

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